Supplies from the garage boxes that I just integrated in to the (slightly more organized) mess in my office.

1 kids paint brush
1 kids water color set
1 glow in the dark star
1 glue stick
1 clear paper protector
1 small stapler
1 bottle of acrylic paint
1 mechanical pencil
1 clothes pin
1 package of mounting strips
1 usb cord
1 500-count box of envelopes
1 package of address labels
1 three ring binder
1 blue book mark with a treble clef on it--it's quite cute
1 package of Velcro
1 stamp scrub thing
1 paperclip holder
1 compass (the circle drawing variety)
1 pencil box--empty
2 pencil grips
2 day planner type things
2 phone cord splitters
3 hand pencil sharpeners
4 protractors
4 rulers
4 rolls of tape (1 masking, 2 clear, 1 packing)
6 pairs of scissors
7 pads of paper (non-post-it variety)
9 markers (that worked--I threw away triple that number that didn't)
10 post-it pads
10 notebooks in various stages of use
11 paperclips
18 erasers
20 folders (file and school)
24 pieces of untouched colored paper
40 crayons
42 plain pencils
47 working pens
Grundles of staples
Grundles of rubber bands
Grundles of scratch paper

And the winner of the grand prize?
54 colored pencils

See the fourth comment in this post if you are wondering what this is all about.
6 Responses
  1. Glad I clicked on the link! So much to see there! : )

  2. Natalie Says:

    I unloaded my laundry/bathroom that we couldn't even get into (one of the rooms that I toss stuff in) now all of the stuff that was in there is in my family room. I lost interest. But, the laundry/bathroom looks mostly better. Don't even ask about our garage! I gotta get it under control. This house is getting smaller by the minute!

  3. Kimberly Says:

    I am feeling totally inspired! Totally lacking energy to do anything about it, but inspired nonetheless!

  4. Kazzy Says:

    That's a lot of goodies. I love finding stuff like that! All seems useful. ;)

  5. L.T. Elliot Says:

    Am I totally sick for admitting that that sounds like a bit of heaven to me? I have an obsession with all things office supplies. Those pens!