So I thought I would update a little.

I'm doing better. Friday was just a. . .weighed down day. I couldn't shake the weariness and weight at all. I was quiet and morose (love that word). I'm doing better now.

The tonsillectomy has been pushed back a couple of months and now I'm going through the misery of applying for state aid. I've been there before and I shudder to go back, but that seems to be what is needed right now. If we qualify, the surgery goes on as planned. If not, then we go on to Plan B--whatever that is.

Faramir has a job interview type thing this week. (Job interviews are a bit of a strange thing in the optometry world.) I have no idea what the result will be. There are other options that we are looking at--all with good stuff and bad stuff to recommend them.


In other news, school has started. The first week was good. This week has not started well, but hopefully things will work themselves out tomorrow. I'm grateful to have routine back. I'm never very good at it all by myself--which makes my admiration for women who home school grow by leaps and bounds. School is good for us on so many levels.

Faramir purchased an MP3 player. It's every one's new favorite toy, especially Kendra. She always wants to listen to it. I think it's sometimes hard for her to have old fashioned parents who haven't purchased her a cell phone yet (we don't even have one, but even when we do, she will be borrowing ours, not having her own) and so this small concession to modern marvels makes her happy. Of course, she's now singing boyband songs to her hearts content--courtesy of Faramir and his affinity for boybands. (That seems a bit backwards some how.)

Of course, I can't complain too much. There's plenty of Holtz and Celtic Women on there for me. And country. I love a lot of country. Rascall Flatts. Yeah. And Mozart. In fact, there might be more on there for me than for anyone else. Probably because I'm the one who buys the cds. :)

I"m playing in church at the end of the month. Should be interesting, if nothing else. I don't do as much with my violin as I'd like. My e string squeaks if I don't give it enough umph. Very annoying. My new violin also doesn't seem to have the power of the one I was using before. It's got luscious tone but I can't seem to get quite the range of dynamic interpretation out of it that I'd like.

I also have a presentiment that I'm going to be the choir director before very much longer. Any song suggestions? We have the potential to have a strong and powerful choir--I'm not sure what kind of response I will get. We shall soon find out whether people love me enough to come or not. . .if my presentiment proves correct, and I'm pretty sure it will.

I've been reading me some Elizabeth Gaskill and George Elliot. Wow. I can tell I'm out of practice in the old time writing style. It took me three or four days to get through Middlemarch (GE). It's a plodding sort of book. I've heard people complain that old books are too simple. They should read Middlemarch. There are two major plot lines and several minor ones that all end up tying in together in some fashion or another. Phew! I was annoyed at the lack of ending of Wives and Daughters (EG). I get all annoyed when authors die before they finish a book, as if they have control over that. I just started North and South (EG).

I saw Up on Saturday. I need to see it again. It was a cute movie, but I had my two youngest with me because I was pretty sure they were not going to handle Monsters Versus Aliens. They were bored by Up. It's an adult movie in a little kid package. I also now have two little boys who are horribly frightened by dongs now. I'm a little annoyed by that. Pablo had made considerable progress in the anti-fear-of-dogs area, and now we might be back to square one. Tyrone had never been afraid of dogs and now he is. Blast that movie! But it was really cute for me.

I think that's all for tonight. I'm a little tired and a little down, but all will be well.

Happy days to you all!

9 Responses
  1. Kazzy Says:

    I am glad you are feeling better, but I must admit I had been thinking about you and your tonsil situation. Sorry things are tough right now. I have you in my prayers. Seriously.

    If ya like country come on over to my blog! I tried out a little Alison Krauss today and had a ball! Take care.

  2. Brillig Says:

    Oh, how I loved North and South. Watch the movie when you're done. Doesn't follow the book perfectly enough, but OH, is the boy delicious. And, as we both know, that's all that matters.

    I hope Faramir's job hunt leads him to a state close to me. Okay, you already live just one state away, but it feels way too far. So! i guess what I'm saying is, move to Denver. Yes?

    Okay, you have so much going on. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all the craziness works out for you and yours. xoxoxoxox

  3. Laine Says:

    Hi Eowyn, love you. Love your thoughts.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    I second Brillig's movie recommendation - LOVE that adaptation. It's on my amazon wishlist even now. =)

    Sorry you've got so much weight to be fighting off right now. Life is exhausting on its own without all the hefty decisions you and Faramir are having to consider right now. ~hugs~

  5. Melanie J Says:

    Good luck to Faramir in the job hunt. Good things will come your way soon!

  6. L.T. Elliot Says:

    Praying for Faramir's interview! I'm sorry that things aren't so hot right now. I'm glad your daughter's enjoying the MP3 and I'm planning on doing the same with the cell phone situation when mine are old enough.
    God Bless, Eowyn. You're in my thoughts and prayers often.

  7. charrette Says:

    Sorry you've been in such a slump. I've been away for awhile and missed the whole tonsil thing...and much more, I'm sure.

    Can I just say, I love the word "morose" too?

    Crossing fingers for that job interview to go well. This seems like such a long wait for you, and so much of not-knowing.

  8. charrette Says:

    Oh, and I love that it took you 3 days to read Middlemarch...as if that were a long time! I swear it would take me three months to wade my way through that!

  9. I don't know if any of your life circumstances have changed yet, but I hope you are still feeling some peace in your heart. Today I read an article in the Ensign by Elder Holland, "Lessons From Liberty Jail." It spoke to my heart and soul and made me appreciate more the current trials I am attempting to endure.