I paused. Taking in the scene before me was more than my brain could handle. I knew the gems were in there. They laid in wait, tantalizing me with their beautiful color. I knew that just parting the leaves would bring me riches untold, but still I paused.

It was a man-eating jungle whose leaves I had to part. The plants towered above me. I could see the spikes on them. I could feel the wisp of a poisonous spray across my cheek. I could see the insects, waiting to suck my blood. I knew that I would not come out unscathed.

The sun beat down upon my head. The day had started warm and the temperature went up from there. I longed for the air conditioned coolness of my out-post, but I knew the gems were waiting for me to find them. I had to go now, or I would never forgive myself for passing up such riches.

Finally, I put my hand out and pushed aside the first leaf. There it was, sitting there. It's redness called to me. All I had to do was reach out and take it. But in order to take it, I had to reach my hand past thorns and spikes and insects of a voracious nature, to whom my blood would, I am sure, make a tasty treat. And so, hesitantly, I put my hand out and grasped it.

It came lovingly into my hand. I treasured it for a moment, and then put it in the carrying case I had brought to protect them. And then I looked back where my hand had just been.

There were more!

Here. There. Some by themselves, other in clusters. Some were pink, others were red, and still others were a dark purple.

I got a little dizzy at the sight. I could see the riches pouring out before me, and so I began. First one, then another, then 7 at a time. I poured them into my case, reveling in what I had found.

I grasped at one and it eluded me. I didn't know these gems had a life of their own! It slipped from my fingers and fell to the jungle floor--a place where only the most hardy and daring of explorers would go. And my heart ached for the loss of that beautiful gem.

I picked more and I lost more to the jungle floor, and my heart ached every time.

I ran into a poisonous fountain. It sprayed me all over, but it didn't get in my mouth, and I knew that this poison could only affect me if I got it in my mouth. I trudged on through the fountain, know that I would have to change my clothes when I got back to the out-post so as not to infect anyone else.

I heard an unusual noise and found another explorer looking for the gems. But he couldn't have been human, for he would devour the gems as he saw them. I wondered what manner of alien would devour these precious things, when they could give so much. But I noticed that he was afraid of the thorns and the spikes, and he would only reach the gems closest and easiest to get, and I realized that I was the braver. I would forage. I had come prepared with protective gear.

They were fragile, these gems. They broke easily. I saw one, splayed across a branch. Oh, the loss.

And so I worked, and I hunted. I left no leaf un-turned. My trusty side-kick carried my case, as he had more fear than I, and tired much more easily.

Finally, I emerged from the jungle. I was victorious! I had found many of the gems. I was content, albeit a little nauseous from being in the sun for too long. My arms were scratched, but thanks to my protective gear, I was unhurt on the rest of my body.

And I returned to my air-conditioned out-post.

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    I am having SUCH a good giggle right now. You're such a nut. Love this post - ALMOST as much as I love raspberries . . . mmm . . .

  2. L.T. Elliot Says:

    I never knew raspberries were so trecherous! But oh, the risk compared to the reward! Look at that bowl of deliciousnes!

  3. Emily Says:

    Yummy Raspberries.

  4. Kazzy Says:

    Yummy, jewely goodness. Loved the narrative!

  5. Gems, indeed! Delish and worth the pain.

  6. Brillig Says:

    Hahahahaha. I love it. You're hilarious. And those look divine. Well done, huntress.

  7. A very impressive narrative, indeed! (What's the poison spray? Am I being dense?)(er than usual)

  8. The imagery in this post is amazing!