Would I have loved you like I do now
If I had met you before?
Before we connected via the written word.
Before your words drew me in and illustrated your soul?

Would I have wanted to be with you like I do now
If I had seen your face before I read your heart?

Would I have heard your voice and seen your strength?
Would I have heard your laugh and seen your love?

Or would I have twisted away in frustration
Yet again unable to find a friend?

Would I have looked at you and seen you?

I'm afraid not.

I don't see you now when I look around at those close to me.
I don't see the friends behind the faces and the laughter.
I don't see the love that goes so very deep
When what I see seems to have no time for loving me.

I'm lazy. I'll admit it.
This written word is easier to read and love
Than those faces around me.
I turn back to those words.

And then, when I meet you in person
We are already connected.
Your face doesn't matter.
We are already friends.

When I first started in this bloggy world, I was doing it as a favor to Kim. I was sure that it would just be a her and me thing and the occasional family member. I was sure that I would not be making "true" friends here.

I've pretty much had to eat my thoughts on that one. I have a small number of blogs on my blog roll that are or were people I had never met. And I love every one of them for one reason or another. I cannot imagine life without you fellow bloggers. I've contemplated stopping blogging over and over, but I don't want to lose you all. It boils down to friendships that I once thought were impossible, and that now I find I do not want to lose.

One of the things that Brillig and I talked about this last weekend was these friendships. How we love them. How we feel so close. How I wish I could invite you over to an old fashioned quilting bee so that we could work and laugh together. How strange, at least to me, it all is. I sometimes feel out of my element, like I cannot believe all you fabulous women would want to "be with me" and yet here I am and here you are.

Thank you.
10 Responses
  1. Kazzy Says:

    We women are such relationship kinds of people, aren't we? We know we are overburdened and swamped, but we have made connections that are worth it. I feel the same about friends I have made blogging. I worry about them when they are having a hard time. I am happy when they are happy. It has been such a great discovery for me!

  2. L.T. Elliot Says:

    I love you, Eowyn.

    You're a remarkable woman and one of the softest, most beautiful souls I've ever come in contact with. I'm teary-eyed because of your post. Thank you for being so kind and beautiful.

    love and hugs,


  3. Oh, Amen. I completely agree.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    I feel like there's no adequate comment to make here. This was so beautiful. So true.

  5. Brillig Says:

    No, no, no, Lady. Thank YOU. You've enriched my life so much. I'm eternally grateful for our friendship. Miss you in person already... Thank goodness for bloglandia.

  6. charrette Says:

    This is exactly it. You captured it all so beautifully, Eowyn. In the car on the way down the canyon I was talking to Jeff about blogging and how unique these friendships are, and how I feel so close to these women who live clear across town or clear across the country...and even clear across the world. And how it's writing that has made us feel closer and more connected than people in our very own neighborhoods, by FAR.

    I so echo every word here.

  7. I LOVE these thoughts. I feel the same way lady. I never expected to have these connections, but I sure am thankful for these real friends here in a "virtual" world.

  8. Melanie J Says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel. I think discovering blogging was a gift from Heavenly Father for me, because I really needed it and it fills in a spot that was empty before.

  9. Exquisitely said and oh, so true! I love you!

  10. An old fashioned quilting bee with you and good bloggy friends. That sounds like a slice of heaven!

    (How fitting that word verification for this is WORDS!)