I had, for breakfast this morning, 1 pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and 2 fresh peaches purchased yesterday from a local fruit stand.

The muffin recipe I got from the fabulous Novembrance. It's her Mother of Invention Muffin recipe from her book, Comfortably Yum. If you don't own this book, the muffin recipe I just listed is worth the price of the book. I make a double batch on average once every two weeks and feed them to my kids in lunches and for breakfast. The Brookies recipe is Abbey's current favorite. The scones are to die for. Yeah. All so good. I haven't yet made anything out of the book that my family didn't chomp.

But I digress.

With no respect intended towards Luisa's spectacular recipe I have this to say.

The two fresh peaches totally eclipsed the muffin in flavor and enjoyment. It was almost unhealthy how much I enjoyed them.

In fact, I may go eat another one right now.

- - -

Really, I feel about fresh peaches about like I feel about tomatoes out of the garden. Fresh peaches, topped with a little bit of sugar and some heavy whipping cream rival fried cheese sandwiches (on home-made bread--don't even bother making them with the store-bought stuff) with thick slabs of tomato across the top as my ambrosia. (Truly, nothing tops home-made ice cream as my dad and brother make it, but these are close.)

- - -

And while I was going to type a lot more, I am suddenly called to go visit my mother. It's a good thing and I will get another box of fresh tomatoes out of it! Yay for home-canned tomato soup that we can eat with grilled cheese sandwiches!

I'm making myself hungry.

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6 Responses
  1. Jealous of those home grown tomatoes :) !!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Ah the bounty of the harvest! So glad for you!

  3. Kazzy Says:

    I am not kidding when I say my mouth just watered. Wow. We buy peaches from harward farms and always love them.

  4. Emily Says:

    When you post about food, the pregnant ladys begin searching frantically for the food you just described. I ate many a peaches yesterday. yum, yum. Ah, the power of sugguestion.

  5. Melanie J Says:

    No, now you made me hungry. Thanks a lot.

  6. EEEEMommy Says:

    You're making me jealous. I love peaches, and I haven't had a really fresh one in years. And I really missed home-grown tomatoes this year. We have a black walnut tree in our yard which causes all the tomatoes that are grown in our garden to be diseased. This year, I didn't even bother with a garden. But there's nothing like a BLT made with home-grown tomatoes. Sigh. Enjoy!