I love music. I love hearing a song and suddenly being somewhere else, at some point in my past.

Today I am taking a trip into a crowded high school gym. Or the gym of the church. Or possibly the tennis courts at the park. The lights are low. The disco ball is rolling. (I'm thinking that the disco ball is one of the 70's greatest presents to humanity--just sayin!)

I know the dj. She's a friend of mine. (She still is a dj, as a matter of fact.) She didn't get asked to the dance this time, but usually she's on the dance floor with us.

The smell is sweat. And Exclamation! And Polo. The smell of high school.

The sound is loud. The songs blaring over the speakers are loud, but often times we are louder. The music geeks, that is, singing at the top of our lungs, because we know all the words and actually know how to sing. Often times, though, we are quiet. We have our arms wrapped around what ever boy it was that night, thinking the most romantical thoughts.

The drama that is high school is wrapped up in the two or so hours we are there. Fights happen. Gaggles of girls all go to the bathroom at the same time, because for some reason we couldn't go alone. (I remember one night we all came back out and the guys all grouped together--the one and only time--and went, just to show us.) We loved and were loved and adored in return.

I always felt like the queen of the world at high school dances. I looked like a million bucks. Sometimes the dress was mine. More often the dress was borrowed.

Generally, two guys come to mind. The first dance of high school and the last boy of high school. I adored them both. Boys were mine for the picking.

I loved it.

And so, for your listening pleasure, I have songs that take me back.

Istanbul. They Might Be Giants.

Yeah this one? Singing. At the top of our lungs. Every word--especially that one part. You know the one that I mean.

Somebody. Depeche Mode.

Don't tell me this one doesn't take you back. I actually laugh at the lyrics now, but oh how I just clung a little tighter when I was dancing this one. How High School can you get? (And don't you love his good 80s hair!)


What is it about this song that makes it just keep going and going? 1978 people! And just recently at a thing for my daughter they played it again and the whole place erupted and danced and sang. It's the energizer bunny of lame songs. But I love it! Dig the video!

With or Without You. U2

Nuff said.

Love Shack B-52's

I debated putting this song up. I didn't get it when I was young and innocent. I had to find a video that was a bit cleaner than your average for this one. But I cannot think of a high school dance without this song coming to mind. Especially the bang on the door part. We sang, we banged on imaginary doors with our fists. It's as much a part of the scene as any of these others. I really can't leave it off.

And probably the ultimate song.

Everything I do, I do it for you Bryan Adams

There's something about this song that just epitomizes high school romance and drama. The music video is here.

What songs take you back?
8 Responses
  1. L.T. Elliot Says:

    A lot of those same songs take me back.
    I love the feel of this post. It's like you found all the good of those moments and I don't have to remember the bad. Thanks for that. *hugs*

  2. Melanie J Says:

    We are definitely of an age because I think I could all the same ones to my list. Maybe I'd include Bohemian Rhapsody, Garth Brooks' The Dance and Richard Marx, Right Here Waiting for You. Oh, and Soft Cell, Tainted Love. Ah, high school.

  3. Catherine Says:

    Exclamation! (!!!) I had forgotten, but when I read it, I could TOTALLY smell it. And Love Shack and Everything I Do...FOR SURE.

  4. Kazzy Says:

    I am older than you, but Open Arms by Journey and the B52s doing Love Shack. Oh yeah!!!

  5. I have no idea what at least two of these songs are. And Polo? What about Brute and Old Spice? Boy, do I feel old!

  6. InkMom Says:

    I think we must be the same age. Like, exactly.

    But I'm from the South. And Depeche Mode never made it down here, so I wasn't initiated into the wonders of "Somebody" until BYU. But what did we sing at dances? Sadly, Garth Brooks'
    "I've Got Friends in Low Places". I despise country music, but I still know every word.

  7. Kimberly Says:

    A lot of these are on my take-me-back list. Especially U2...ah the teenage angst their music accompanied...

  8. Those first two definitely take me back! Oh how I love my 80's music, especially the memories they evoke! I still adore The Promise by When In Rome.