Yes, it is my birthday today.

I am 34.

I feel old because it's been a long three weeks or a month since school started. I know I'm not old. I'm just tired.

So, I actually didn't really want anyone to point out on my last post that my birthday was today, but I'm guessing that there are enough people on here that know me well enough that to put anything about birthdays up the day before was just asking for people to acknowledge it.

Happy Birthday to me!

Last year at this time I was depressed. I think it was my worst birthday ever, until I decided to do nice things for other people, and then it became a great day.

I've decided just to start it out by doing nice things for other people this year. I'm just skipping the whole "bad day" part.

So, I want to do something nice for you.

And I want you do to something nice for someone else.

I'm combining those things.

Go do something nice for someone else (ideas in a minute) and then come back here and comment and tell us what you did. Then I'll send you something in the mail--for your last birthday.

It doesn't have to be hard or complicated. Surprise your husband with his favorite dinner. E-mail a friend you haven't connected up with in a while and you are wondering about. Call a family member and have a little chat.

You could go hard or complicated though. Go pick up a dozen cans of food and take them to your local food bank. Make a baby blanket to donate to a woman's shelter in your area or to humanitarian aid. Bake up some cookies and run them around the neighborhood.

Chances are that as you were reading this a person's face popped in to your mind. Take that person and do something nice for them. Make their day brighter.

Join me in making today a good day!
8 Responses
  1. Kazzy Says:

    Hey, happy birthday! I am so glad to have gotten "acquainted" with you through blogging.

    I am reading your blog at midnight, so I think before I go to sleep I will tell my husband I love him. This should be a good service, huh?

  2. L.T. Elliot Says:


    For my good thing, I'm sending an email to a beloved friend. =]

  3. Kimberly Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love how you're fighting exhaustion and frustration and MAKING today a good day. You are such an inspiration!

    Love you to bits and I'm off to do some good! I'm going to go onto my online pregnant mummy's group and give sweet support and comfort to freaked out first time moms. =D

  4. I want a complete follow-up on your day. Sorry I distracted you from getting so much done, but I really loved talking to you! Happy B-day again.

    And my niceness was to keep working on skirts and to tell a friend that I didn't want to hear anymore gossip about another friend. (Don't think that I'm so good, it's just gotten that bad.)

  5. Happy Birthday dear friend! And I love your outlook on life and what you have chosen to do today to make it extra special. What did I do? I sent some kind emails :) !!

  6. charrette Says:

    Happy birthday, dear one. It's after midnight (yeah, I'm a pathetic and perennial night owl) but in my mind it's still Thursday until I actually go to bed and wake up again!

    You are a treasure. I am so fortunate to know you and be blessed by your innate goodness.

    Hope your day was happy! (Wish I'd known sooner...)

  7. I hope you had a wonderful day! You share a birthday with my mom.

  8. I feel like the worst friend in the world for not reading this sooner--Happy Belated Birthday you darling (not to mention YOUNG!) girl! I am so glad that I know you!