It's beautiful here. . .

In a dead sort-of way.

We decided to wander away from home for a bit, and since I'm just cruel, I'll make you guess where I am. Although one, possibly two pictures will more than likely give it away. Of course, I can't post pictures yet because, of course, we forgot the cord to attach to the computer so that we could download pictures. Oops.

I'm not in my home state. (And no snarky cracks about my mental state here, either! thbbt!) However, I'm relatively close to my home state.

It's beautiful here.

There is much death.

And much life.

Bleh. I need pictures. Fall colors and spectactularity are a fleeting thing here. There are still leaves on the trees, but they are the dull dead colors.

I really have lots to say here, but I'm going to post pone that good stuff till I can get at my pictures.

So onto the boring life stuff.

We got here late on Thursday. They forgot about our keys in the drop box, so we had to wait around for someone to come and let us in. We are staying in a condo. I believe it's one of the older condo's in the area. But hey, it's off season and we got this place for cheap. It's a nice 2 bedroom condo. Perfect for us.

On the way here I somehow threw something out in my neck/upper back. I woke up Friday morning and it was worse. So we found a local chiropractor to put me back together. He was very good. I was quite impressed. I also bought a new pillow from him. I've been on the search for a pillow for ages, and hopefully this one will help. The bed in our condo is like a rock. I'm not trying to complain here, just stating it like it is.

We wandered around town for a bit and probably spent waay too much money. This is a resort town and things are waaay over priced. But I got a cute hoodie. And I found some really cute t-shirts for my kids that they actually get to color and then we get to set them. My kids are really enjoying them.

Our schedule is really off whack. We've been up since 10 or 11 every night, and it's starting to get to my kids. We'll be taking it easy today. Just some hiking and a museum, then home early and to bed early!

Okay, Okay, I'll tell you where we are. It's boring trying to write this post without it. We are staying in a condo in Teton Village. It's off season here so there are many places to stay for much cheaper than normal.

We wandered around Jackson Hole yesterday. Lunch was a sad mess. Billy's is the place for burgers up here, but they sent us into a nearby bar to serve us, and then took ages to get us the food. We finally walked out after 1 hour and 15 minutes and only two of us had eaten. Everyone else got Wendy's.

Then we headed up to Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful erupt--an awesome sight. Then we wandered around saw pools and geysers. It's so very cool to be there. The only sad thing is that it was cool so there was lots of steam coming off the pools and so it was hard to see the colors and depth that you can see in the middle of the pools on warmer days. It was still beautiful.

Unfortunately, by the time lunch was over and we drove up to Yellowstone, we didn't have much time, only about three hours. We did see lots of buffalo and a coyote/wolf/fox. I'm not sure which. We've also seen many eagles of various kinds. God's creations are amazing. Even driving through the Tetons yesterday was awe-inspiring.

Today is a relaxed day. We will probably go hiking in the Tetons today and to a local wildlife art museum. Then back early for a relaxing dinner and early bed for the kids. They are starting to lose it from the crazy hours.

I'll add in more later and I'll post pics for sure. Really, there is beauty in death up here. There is also much re-birth. Can't wait to show you.

Happy days.
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6 Responses
  1. Kimberly Says:

    Oi, the way you talk them up I'm going to be dying to see those pictures!

    I'm catching a sense of bittersweetness here. Appreciation of beauty wrapped up in melancholy. Sounds thought-provoking and fun all at once.

  2. Bring on the pics!
    I, like Kimberly, am curious to hear more about this bittersweet experience.

  3. Catherine Says:

    Oooh! I've been to all those places...but not in the past 20 years. :(

  4. Abra Says:

    Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see some pictures, I'd love to see Old Faithful in person. Sounds like you're having a blast (now that your back is fixed up better and stuff)

  5. Can't wait to see the pictures..I have lovely memories of Yellowstone. :)

  6. charrette Says:

    Ahhh...I was going to guess Wyoming because it sounded so similar to the place I wandered to this past weekend. So glad you got away!