Some of you have wondered about the amount of books I consume. I probably should clarify here that I read very fast. I only know one person who is faster than I am. I also should clarify that my house is never in a perfect state of cleanliness. I read at the expense of many other things--my sleep, a clean house, kid time, etc..

Someone also asked for a clarification on my numbers. The first number listed is usually the age at which I think it's appropriate reading. Thus if it says 8, I think it's ok read at that age. If it says 21, I think people should wait on reading it. My second number is the customary 1-5 ranking of how well I liked it, 1 being hated it and 5 being loved it.

Alcatraz Versus the Scriveners Bones by Brandon Sanderson. I don't know what to say. This man is a genius and these books are laugh out loud funny. This is the second in a series of potentially 5 books. Alcatraz is a teen who has a talent for breaking things. These books are silly, snarky, and very fun reads. Alcatraz often interrupts the story to talk about himself or life lessons or, really, anythings he wants. On occasion I wanted to scream when he broke into the story again, but generally what he was pontificating about ultimately had a purpose. Silly, Silly, Silly. Kendra and Seth both love them. In fact, Seth came with me to the signing (Yes, I have number 27 thank you!) and he was on page 45 or 50 before we left the store. Fun for all! So, 8 and a 4 1/2.

(Mistborn 3 comes out next week and Faramir already has a reserved copy for the launch party next week. Oh I can't wait!!!!) (Um, Mistborn is also by Sanderson. Adult fantasy and one of the best written series I've read in a long time!)

Just Ella b Margaret Peterson Haddix. I enjoyed this book. I didn't love it. This was a romp. Just fun fluff. I like fairytale re-tellings and I liked the concept of this book. This book takes place after Ella is whisked away by the prince. It turns the happily ever after concept on it's head. I liked the themes in the book--that we create our own destiny, and what the real concept of true love is. Over all, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as spellbinding as others I've read. 4 and 10. It was an easy read, but there are some very adult concepts in there.

City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. 4 1/2 and 8. I think the first thing that struck me about this book when I was done was that it was clean. No-one fighting hairy monsters. In fact, this might look like fantasy, but it probably fits more in the Science Fiction category and even then it really doesn't quite fit there. No fighting in the streets. No horrible evil villain to fight. Just the reality of their world. This is the first in a series of 4, however, the book stands alone very well. I don't feel any huge compelling need to go find the next one. (Unlike other books. ~cough~ Pendragon ~cough~ Mistborn ~cough~) Fun, and easy read that I'm very comfortable putting on my shelf for anyone to digest at will.

That's all for now. I'm very busy over the next few weeks but I hope to keep you all updated.
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7 Responses
  1. Kimberly Says:

    I really need to reed that Alcatraz series! Can't wait for Mistborn number three - I'm so stoked!

  2. I think I'll try Just Ella. Sounds like fun light reading. That's all I can take right now :-) Plus I actually like fairy tale spin offs or reconstruction.

  3. Nadine Says:

    I haven't been around much. I've moved among other things.

    Glad to see that you are still blogging.

  4. EEEEMommy Says:

    I read fast too, but only after I go to bed and not every night. I get sucked into books and can't stop reading until they're finished. I can't maintain any semblance of sanity with so little sleep, so I have to limit my reading, or at least balance the fiction with the not-so-addicting non-fiction. :(

  5. Brillig Says:

    Dude. I read fast too, but lately I haven't read ANYTHING! I've been, like, taking care of KIDS or something. Seriously, WHERE are my priorities? haha. I'll have to check out your recommendations, I suppose. My children (who will look like orphans for a week) will be so grateful to you. :-D

  6. Abra Says:

    I love reading I read all the time... I have my downstairs book, my bathtime book, and my upstairs book. I love to read and watch TV and I think the Alcatrez books sound very interesting :)

  7. Abra Says:

    and apparently I can't spell right now... Alcatraz