The first picture is of Snow Canyon outside of St. George, Utah. We stayed in St. George.

The second picture is of "The Narrows" at Zion National Park. One of my life-long desires is to hike The Narrows. It's a 2 day hike where most of the time you are hiking up the river. The flash flood danger is something you always have to be aware of.

The third picture is of Bryce Canyon. It's so spectacular! I've been there a couple of times and I remember being just awed as a child by it.

The fourth picture is Lake Powell at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. I have one and only one experience at Lake Powell, a family reunion that was a blast and where I got my worst sunburn ever! We boated and played in the sand and generally had a good time. (You could actually only get to our campsite by boat!) I also remember going on a dune buggy ride through the bushes and getting my legs scraped through some stinging nettle. Ouch!

The fifth picture is of Horseshoe Bend in Canyonlands National Park. I have canoed down this river and it is as spectacular from the river looking up as it is from the top looking down. I got another horrible sunburn on that trip, but I loved every minute of it. Half of the time we weren't even in the canoes. We just rode on down the river in our life jackets next to the canoes. We camped out on random beaches for two nights. It was a blast!

The sixth picture is Las Vegas, a city that only has my love because my brother and his family live there. I had to search a little to make sure I found a clean-ish picture to put up.

The final picture is the LDS temple in St. George. I think it's one of my favorites, and I love this picture. It is very beautiful.

We went to Zions. We saw the Weeping Rock and hiked up the narrows a little way--a mile or two. It's 14 miles through. It was great. We wanted to go back on Monday, but plans changed and we didn't. A good time was had by all though.
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3 Responses
  1. charrette Says:

    I recognized everything but Canyonlands.
    Sounds like it was such a great trip!

  2. EEEEMommy Says:

    Thanks for enlightening me! ;)
    You live in a beautiful part of the country!

  3. I knew I recognized all the pictures :) !! I am glad your trip was so enjoyable!