Due to my laziness/busy-ness/obsession with the Olympics, it's been a while since I posted, so here goes a mop up post.

We have a new car. It's a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. It's a dark greyish-blueish-green color. It's loverly. We got a great deal on it and it's AWD, which I will love when the snow hits. And it's powerful enough to tow with, so hopefully some day we will get something to tow with it. For now we will stick with car-top carriers and the luggage rack.


I'm struggling with Seth. We buzzed him before school started and the second day of school a couple of boys teased him about his hair. He fought me on going back the next day and ultimately I gave in. He's back now, but I'm right on the verge of pulling him out. The temper tantrums have increased in number and intensity since school started and I do not have it in me to keep fighting. If things don't turn around soon, I will pull him out and then be turning to all you fabulous home-schoolers for help. I don't generally have a problem with public school, but maybe it's just not for him right now. We'll see.


Books for this last week.

The Wizard Heir. I have enjoyed this series, although it's definitely for older readers. It gets a little bloody. I'm just adding to my long list of series to read. 15 and 4.

Against an Amber Sky--I was disappointed in this book, although I'm sure most of it's target audience won't get why it bothered me. This was a book heavy on doctrine and not so heavy on consistent plot. My biggest problem is that by the time the major conflict shows up it's not a not a conflict any more. According to the cover, this is supposed to be a book about a girls doubts, but they don't really go anywhere. I didn't see any real conflict, just more of the everyday type that show up and leave--even at the end when this should have been a big one. Now, it might have been fairly true to life in that respect, but in my opinion, it didn't quite make for great reading. 10 and 2

Re-read Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief--I love these books. I'm happy to read them again. If you love fantasy and ever spent any amount of time obsessing over Greek Mythology (as I did in another, younger, life), you will love these books. 10 and 4 1/2.


Speaking of Seth, we buzzed his hair as a compromise. He wanted to be bald, and we didn't think that it would be such a good idea just yet. I found out recently that Seth wants to be bald as a show of solidarity for those that have cancer. Oh my son's sensitive soul. I told him that when we knew someone who had cancer who had to lose their hair, then he could totally shave his head in support. He's so sensitive--which is part of the problem.


My aunt, for those of you in the know, is slowly, veeery slowly, getting better. It's a huge can of worms that the family is in right now on how to take care of her. I have no idea what the future holds. I love her and pray for her to continue to progress, even if it is slowly.


The Olympics were great, as always. However, I felt I had to put an asterisk on everything that happened saying, "At what cost?" China is a beautiful country that I would love to visit, but I would never want to live there. It would be an adventure, anyway.

I'm off. I hope to have more posts in the future. I've got one ruminating in my head right now, just need to check up on my facts. Happy days to you!
9 Responses
  1. Kimberly Says:

    So sorry about your struggles with Seth. I can really sympathize over the sensitive-soul-in-public-school aspect of it. Though I withdrew instead of lashing out. Poor guy. Hope it sorts out for the best.

  2. Yes, sorry too. So hard to let them go and know that they're going to be hurt! I totally understand wanting to take him out, sometimes it really is the best thing to do.

    When you get a moment, take a peek at my post from yesterday--I linked to you as a part of an award thingy. I really do love your blog :)

  3. charrette Says:

    Your Seth sounds like such a sweetheart! Ah, it's often the sweet sensitive ones that get hurt. Such irony. And painful for a mother to watch. I hope he finds his place soon, whether it's at school, or home with you.

  4. Abra Says:

    how old is Seth? Just curious, my own 5 1/2 year old likes to wreak havoc where ever he goes... trying him in kindergarten starting next week. Any advice as to how to handle those temper tantrums, I'm always looking for new solutions.

  5. I was wondering how old Seth was, too. I hope you find a good solution for him. He sounds so sweet.

    And even though I love the Olympics, I am glad they are over. I was too obsessed with them and was staying up way to late to watch them. Not a smart thing to do when you are already sleep deprived with a new little one in the home :) !!

  6. GrumpyAngel Says:

    I hope you find the best resolution to Seth's challenge. He sounds so sweet.

  7. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Poor Seth, he sounds like a sweetie, I hope things get easier for him soon. Just popping over from the Annex to say thanks for your comment on my post. It was lovely of you. Take care. :D

  8. EEEEMommy Says:

    I admire that you're open enough to consider homeschooling. There's a girl I know of who is so opposed to it that when her 3rd grade son started talking about suicide, she still didn't see the need to pull him out, even temporarily. And he was begging to be homeschooled. It might not be right for everyone, but there are definite benefits. I'll be praying for wisdom and discernment for you and your husband. Don't hesitate to contact me with any/all questions, although I imagine you probably have a lot of resources closer to you. There are quite a few LDS homeschoolers.

  9. Martha Says:

    Too bad you don't personally know anyone who homeschools & wouldn't mind talking to you about it. snicker....