The lovely Heather of the EO
wrote a hilarious making a fool of yourself story hereand challenged others to do the same. Here is my offering.

Faramir and I were invited by a dear friend to go to the Elks club for dinner and dancing one night. And we were so excited. This friend said that dinner was on him and he invited many other couples as well. It was, I think, a night to introduce people to the Elks and just have a good time. So we decided to go. I got a babysitter for us and I got dolled up. I mean, heck, if I'm gonna go dancing. I had on my favorite red shirt, and some great pants and my 3 inch heeled black boots that look so awesome. I hate these boots because they make my feet hurt horribly, but they look sooo good. My hair was done (a rarity, which is sad), and my face looked spectacular. (I am a well trained Mary Kay consultant, though these days I don't sell much. I just like the consultant discount.)

Dinner was pretty good. We ate and laughed with the other couples and I was pretty relaxed. I looked as good as I could and I knew it. It was a fun evening. It was pretty funny/cool to see all the 60-70 year old ladies dressed to kill with their dancing shoes. Occasionally there was a lady where I questioned her choice of outfit, but otherwise it was awesome.

The band was decent. Do you remember what Larry Bird looked like early on? Do you see this fro?

Stick one of those thick sweat bands around his head, add 30 years and paunch and you have what the lead singer of the band looked like. It made Faramir and I giggle the whole time. But they did a good job. We listened, danced and were generally having a good time.

And the Electric Slide came on.

Now, when I was in high school, I was the queen of The Electric slide. I could do the moves with grace and style. So we all started dancing. There was a bit circle of us having such a great time. I threw myself into the slide with fun and abandon. I love dancing and I was having a great time. However, there was something I didn't factor in. When I was dancing in high school, I was not wearing three inch heeled boots with no tread.

Umm, yeah. You can guess what is coming.

I went to do a smooth spin and those lovely boots spun me right into one of the couples and then they slid out from under me and I hit the floor. Rear end first. I went flailing to the ground. And immediately started laughing my head off. I couldn't believe I had just fallen on my rumpus trying to do my cool spin move on the Electric Slide. I was a smidgie red in the face but it was so funny. One of the other ladies there said "I'm so glad it happened to someone besides me!" and we laughed even more. I started to pick myself back up and actually had to have Faramir haul me back up because my boots were so slick. I kept sliding around a bit until I got perpendicular. I then excused myself to go sit down because my rear end hurt. I was still laughing though.

We danced a few more dances, and then went to get our kids from the babysitter. It was a fun night.
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5 Responses
  1. Hey you! I commented when I saw you posted this, but I guess it didn't work!
    LOVE the story, thank you for the laugh! Wish I could have seen it in person, but I'm enjoying picturing it too :)

  2. Elaine Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! I love moments like these, when we do something silly and childlike (you know, falling down) and then, well, you know...something that makes us "real". LOLOLOLOL. Thanks for the good laugh.

  3. Brillig Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That rocks! I'm picturing the whole thing... :-D

  4. Martha Says:

    So, is there any "feed" or whatever it's called so update will land in my mailbox? :D

  5. EEEEMommy Says:

    Love it! And I love your ability to laugh through it! You're fabulous! :)
    So where's the picture of you all dolled up?!?! I want to see!