Years ago, back in my college days, I spent a semester or two studying Whitman and Emerson and all of those amazing writers in that era.  I loved it!  It resonated with me in ways I'm still not sure I fully understand.

Someone in that era wrote an essay about the poet and I loved, and I remember writing pages of response, titled The Do-er, the See-er and the Say-er.

I talked about how we all have times in our lives where we have to focus on one thing or the other, and that in order to be a true Say-er, we have to really participate in the other two.

I've forgotten about this in the intervening years.  I've done, seen, and said a lot of things, but this focus, this...I'm not even sure the word I'm looking for...it's been gone.  I've been swept up in many directions.  I've had more children.  I've moved many times.  We've gone through bankruptcy, martial discord, children-ish discord, illness, travel, and more.

But this idea of The Do-er, the See-er and the Say-er has been on my mind.  Alot.

And so, I'm trying to do something about it.  I need to do, see, and say more in my life.

I have set some small goals this year.  They are part of bigger goals, but I can only think in terms of small right now.

1-Run a 5k.
2-Write every day.
3-Practice my violin every day.

Here are the huge goals that go with it.

1-Iron Man
2-Finish my WIP and start anew
3-Become the concert master of the orchestra I'm currently in

I can't believe I just said that out loud.

So, as part of my goal to write every day, I'm coming back here to my long forgotten blog.

Writing here, every day, in order to get/keep my juices flowing.  I have no idea what will pop up here, but I'm determined to do it.  Every morning, right after I take my kids to school.

So, off we go.
2 Responses
  1. I'll be here to read every post. So proud of you, hun. You are amazing.

  2. L.T. Elliot Says:

    Those are amazing goals! I'm so glad to *see* you!