My dear, darling-est, bloggy friends.

I'm so sorry. I do hope you'll forgive me.

Here is a line item of why I haven't been blogging.

1-Kit-Kats. I'd rather eat them than blog.

Just kidding, though I am eating one right now.

For serious now.

1-School started. I got busier. :) I volunteer once a week at the school library. I am currently substituting for 3rd grade strings.

That? Is crazy! Just sayin'.

2-We are in the process of obtaining a house. This has entailed long hours at the computer, many trips to various houses to examine them, and much discussion until 1 or 2 in the morning. Hence, I'm sitting here typing a post that is completely unexciting because all of my brain power is going that direction right now.

3-I am ignoring Christmas. I could be totally grinchy and wonder if I ignore it long enough whether it will come or not, but I'm not quite there yet. Just tired and grumpy and not from doing much by way of festive-ness.

4-In spite of that grump, I did play in our local community orchestra's production of The Messiah by Handel. Love. But I am completely out of shape to sit and play for that long straight. And the violins in the Messiah? No break at all. I think we got an 11 measure break in "The Trumpet Shall Sound". That's pretty much it.

5-Also in spite of the grump, I am in charge of our ward choir Christmas program. It occurs to me that this is less than two weeks away and I am not yet prepared, so as soon as I get done typing this post, I shall wander off and prepare for it.

6-There has been a death in my family. It was unexpected, shocking, heartbreaking, all of those things. I have been to New Jersey and back. I have dealt with the after effects of this in my own children and in my own life. I was supposed to do NaNoWriMo this year and I did write 23 pages of stuff, but that was me and catharsis. My novel was put on the back burner. I'm only 6000 words in to it.

So, between all of this, I have not blogged. I miss you all.

One last thing. Life is fragile. Live it with no regrets. I have plenty with this death that I am trying to make sure I don't let overwhelm me. I don't want that to happen again.

Love you all to pieces!

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9 Responses
  1. L.T. Elliot Says:

    Oh, Eowyn. I am so sorry for your recent loss. Please know that the entirety of my heart is with you, that I'm praying for you, that I love you, and I'm here if you need me. And even if you don't. *giant hugs* Love you.

    Congratulations on the house-hunting. I'll pray my guts out for you. Very proud of you for all you're doing for Christmas, even if you're not feeling Christmasy about it. Considering what you've been through, I'd say you're entitled.

    Love you so. Love you so.

  2. Take your time. Always.

    Good luck with the house! Super fun!

  3. Laine Says:

    THanks for the reminders, friend. I love you. Excited to hear about your home! Sorry about your loss....but grateful that you are passing the lessons along...I need to remember these things...xoxo, elaine

  4. My darling Eowyn. You shall overcome. xoxoxo

  5. Kimberly Says:

    As our dear L.T. said, you're entitled. ((hugs)) I've some idea of what you've been going through, some. But seeing it all summed up like this breaks my heart a little...you're bearing so much right now, and I wish I could lift some of your burdens.

  6. "Life is fragile. Live it with no regrets." Such wise advice!

    Sending many hugs and good vibes your way!

  7. Catherine Says:

    I miss you, too.

    I miss blogging, too.

    I had to travel for a death in the family, too.

    Its good to hear from you, friend.

  8. Kazzy Says:

    So sorry about the unexpected death in your family. That really hurts, I am sure.

    You have been missed, but, of course, blogging should never be at the top of the list when there re real crises and houses and Kit Kats to be thought of.

    Best of luck.

  9. Heidi Says:

    I feel bad that it has taken me so long to get here but I haven't really been blogging either. Sigh. I hate that I am so limited in my capacities because hanging out with you and my other blog friends fills my bucket so much. Yet, I just can't seem to make it to the well. It isn't fair. I hope that you have the bestest Christmas and I want to hear all about the house . . someday. I am so happy for you! Hugs!