Vancouver, Canada is beautiful. I was in awe of the green, and it's not even full spring there yet.

- - -

My toes were so cold the other morning that they hurt when I got in the shower.

- - -

Butchart Gardens was a beautiful as I remember it being. I cried when I walked through to see the Sunken Garden.

Wow. Just wow.

- - -

I'm off again on Friday. It's a crazy month here at the Faramir/Eowyn house.

- - -

Do you think I would look good as a red head?

- - -

I have the greatest friends!

- - -

Thoughts I want to remember from church.

When Moses first went to visit Pharaoh he turned his staff into a snake. Then Pharaoh's guys turned their staffs in to snakes. The Moses' snake swallowed up the rest of them.

The gospel of Jesus Christ swallows up all evil. His atonement swallows up our sins if we allow it. Someday He will swallow all evil.

- - -

Unleavened bread is more pure. I did not know this. Unleavened bread takes longer to spoil.

- - -

I think I've blogged before about our own Exodus.
Sin puts us in bondage (Children of Israel to Egypt). We can only be cleansed through the Blood of The Lamb (Passover). We make an Exodus from the sin. Everyone would have thought it silly for the Children of Israel to stay in Egypt. I need to leave my sins behind.

How do I leave the world and follow Christ?
And will it take me 40 years to do it?

- - -

No amount of unprepared agony is worth the preparation time.

- - -

We are expected to make our marriages work. Heavenly Father expects and wants us to succeed and will be there to fight with us.

A great relationship is based on the following (scripture references for each if you like):

Faith--1 Nephi 7:12
Prayer--2 Nephi 32:8
Repentance--Helaman 12:23-26
Forgiveness--1 Nephi 7:27, Luke 23:24
Respect--Doctrine and Covenants 134:6
Love--Genesis 29:20
Compassion--1 Corinthians 12:26
Work--Alma 36:25
Wholesome Recreational Activities

Notice how far down the list Love is.
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14 Responses
  1. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the great morning. Elliot kept signing more when we got in the car, and pointing at your house.
    And I loved seeing your gorgeous pictures, can't wait for it to get alittle greener around here!

  2. Lots of pearls to ponder, here.

    I think you would look great in any hair color. Really. Just to make sure, see if you can find a photo of Angelina Jolie with red hair--then you'll know.

  3. Kimberly Says:

    As long as you don't go outright blonde I think you'll always look lovely. =D

    Beautiful reflections here. My mind is suddenly whirring...

  4. I adore getting these random glimpses into your mind. So lovely!

    Can't wait to see what you do with your hair. I have a red head and he is charming :) !!

  5. Kazzy Says:

    Some great thoughts here. I was thinking of a hair color change today too, mostly to rid myself of the silver that is sneaking in. See you soon. :)

  6. L.T. Elliot Says:

    "Someday He will swallow all evil"

    I live for this. Whenever I feel like the world (or people) just can't meet the hopes that I have for the world, I remember that He is the ideal person. All of the woes and worries and flaws in myself...someday, through Him, will no longer be there.

    I'm glad you had a great time in Canada and I'm glad you're back, if temporarily. I bet you'd look great as a red head! Thank you for the beautiful thoughts. They filled up my soul, today.

  7. Nice insights.

    If love were just a feeling over which we have little control, as the world thinks, it wouldn't be a commandment. A song I love says, "Love isn't something that we're in, it's something that we do."

  8. I was just blog-surfing and found your thought-provoking blog post. Love was thought to be #1 on the list by the apostle Paul. The Apostle John thought love was the formost path to The Father.

    Just a thought. I was bound to have one sooner or later. Come check out my blog why don't you?

    Out of courtesy only, here is a link to my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS {authors need to hit their targets.}


    Have a great weekend, just a cyber-pilgrim, Roland

  9. Melanie J Says:

    Oh, my gosh! I just put a post up titled randomosity before I read yours! Great minds, huh?

  10. Eowyn Says:

    Actually Roland, I agree with your statement. In getting back to live with Jesus Christ, I do believe that the Pure Love of Christ is the most important thing.

    But while we are here in this mortal state and we are commanded to make a mortal marriage relationship work, then love, as the world defines it, is pretty far down the list.

    Also, I think that the Pure Love of Christ encompasses all of these other things. I think that the purpose of the list is to get people thinking above mortality.

  11. So did you really mean 1 Nephi 7:21 and Luke 23:34? Because if not I'm confused. ;)

    I was just reading these while trying to get inspiration on how to deal with a non-marriage relationship(which I think these work for as well).

    Love you!