1-When your hair gets longer than your shoulders, cut it. You need something around your face. Also, remember to give people a chance. You've been avoiding going to this hairstylist for a while. She's good and you were pleasantly surprised. Aren't you glad you did that?

2-No matter how much you like highlights, you want to donate your hair, so it's okay to be without them for now.

3-Take a shower.

4-Finishers wanted. Would you please get a move on?!

5-Three sick boys is no fun. But you can handle it. (Doing number 3 would help.)

6-You'd better get started on the St. Patrick's Day decorations. You know that Seth is going to freak when you ask to take Valentines down, so you'd better have something to replace it with.

7-Oh get over it! You loved decorating for holidays when you were a kid. Just remember that when you are grousing to yourself.

8-Books are no substitute for real life.

9-You probably shouldn't write blog posts while you are sick and tired. Just sayin.
9 Responses
  1. 1. I like your haircut.
    2. No one in the East is doing highlights anymore, so consider yourself very fashion-forward.
    3. An annoying but necessary expenditure of time.
    4. This sounds vaguely familiar....
    5. Hang in there!
    6. St-P's is big at our house, for reasons I believe are obvious.
    7. You're a better woman than I. My Christmas wreath is still on the front door.
    8. But they ARE a handy coping mechanism (see #5).
    9. You should write blog posts more often! I've been missing you.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Luisa is so clever that I want to steal her idea, but really all I want to say is re: #8...that's a hard thing to remember at the best of times, nevermind when you're sick.

    And a hearty amen to Luisa's response to #9!

    Plus, be nice to you, okay? You're one of my favouritest people ever and I don't like seeing you be mean to you.

  3. Laine Says:

    I love you. Thanks for remembering the most important day of the year. :) I would love to see your new hair cut. I'm growing mine long for locks of love right now, and so it's flat....too long....but it's for a good purpose, right? And yes, be nice to yourself! Love you girl!

  4. I didn't decorate for Valentines Day. I should be nice to my kids and get some St. Patricks Day stuff up!

  5. I took Valentine's Day down yesterday and put up St. Pat's. I am always glad that the size and number of the holiday boxes diminishes between Christmas and Easter. Then there's nothing between then and Halloween but 4th of July. Phew! Meanwhile, I adore decorating for "summer". I hope you feel better soon and thanks for stopping by to check in on me. I dont' know what I would do without you!

  6. Catherine Says:

    Feel better soon, Friend...

  7. Kazzy Says:

    Wait. Books are no substitutes for real life? Man...

    And I am with Kim. More posts please!

    *wv "comon" LOL Yeah, come on and post more.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Whoops! The last comment belonged under this post.

    I love the Wheel of Time, by the way!

  9. L.T. Elliot Says:

    I'm with everyone here. More posts from you--regardless of mood--is what's needed! I'm just happy to see you! (And I bet your hair looks awesome!)