I can't remember where I read the post but someone put up a bunch of haiku's about their summer. I started writing a bunch and just found them the other day. I thought I'd post them.

Popsicles, sticky
Running, Jumping, Kung-Fu, Ouch!
Lighthearted Laughter

Cannon coming, loud!
Watch the band, watch the floats, wave
Run, grab the candy

Read the book three times
Go to the library, hush!
Check out nine more books

Driving up the canyon
Tinfoil dinners, hot fire, s'mores
Climbing rocks, running

Hot dogs, hamburgers
Dinner at grandma's house, yum!
Baseball in backyard

They've come a long way
Hiking, Bird-watching, Swimming
Visiting Family

Balloons on the field
Blow--screaming, running, chasing,
Discovery Park

Watching DVD
Backyardigans-"Mighty Knights"
Again and again

Smooshed berries mixed up
Adding sugar, sweating, hot
Chop, Cook, Can, Clean, Jam

Fighting, hitting, ouch
They go at it all day long
When will school begin?

Fighting back the tears
Wanting to be held, comfort
How does one go on?

Nine-o-clock wake up
Watching movies, stay up late
Sleepy, ornery, tired

Itching, scratching, burn
The rash covers my body
Self-control, don't scratch!

Throwing up, coughing
Piles of laundry to the sky
Trips to the doctor

Coupons, weeding, food
Emergency Preparedness
Service to others

There are some of these that really have more syllables if you say them correctly, but just. . .don't. You know what I mean?
11 Responses
  1. Kazzy Says:

    The power of a haiku! I like the cannon one! The compilation of all of these is kind of funny. Great job!

  2. Melanie J Says:

    These make nostalgic for summer already....and it's still warm here!

  3. L.T. Elliot Says:

    I loved all of these. They ebb and flow and ring so true. All of them culminate in one clear picture while at the same time, show such lovely individual snapshots.

  4. Fantastic!

    "Run, grab the candy" is my favorite (surprise, surprise).

  5. Kimberly Says:

    The sunburn one made me itchy! You're so clever!

  6. I'm always impressed with a haiku. I really can't even pull one off. My brain doesn't work in numbers.

    So yeah, your haikus ROCK. :)

  7. Brillig Says:

    I have haiku-phobia. But these are awesome! I'm truly impressed. Some are really poignant, others make me laugh. I salute your haiku-ness.

  8. charrette Says:

    Oooh, I love the picture of your entire summer this gave me. Don't you love the way you can say so much with so little in a haiku?

    Oh, and ditto Brillig. Yours are tops.

  9. What a fun way to keep the memories alive. I imagine kids would have a lot of fun with this, too!

  10. This post so makes me miss summer (and it has barely ended!)