A few mere months ago I found out that a sibling that we don't see very often was coming to town. That particular sibling and his family (due to previous engagements) couldn't be here during the planned family reunion. I knew that everyone else coming to family reunion would want to see them, so we moved family reunion up a week and canceled the Tetons. I was sad about losing the Tetons, but I was more than happy about seeing my long-missed sibling and his family.

Unfortunately, due to the change in plans, it was nigh impossible to find a camping spot close by to host 32 people in that short amount of time. Here where I live, you have to schedule at least 6 months in advance. So, camping was out the door. Trying to got to a hotel was not cost effective, so I decided to host this reunion at my parents house.

We scheduled reunion a week earlier and planned accordingly. It turned out to be a bit more work than usual because people were all coming in a day early and leaving many days later. Usually for our reunions we plan for Thursday through Saturday. Well, this reunion I ended up planning for Wednesday afternoon through Sunday evening--with people in town for two more days.

So, the new schedule was as follows

5:30 Dinner
7:00 Local minor league baseball game for which I had 20 free tickets.

8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Scavenger hunt for food for a local food bank
12:00 lunch
1:00 Assembly of hygiene kits and snack sacks for humanitarian purposes.
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Games and get to know you night

7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Leave to hike the mountain pass hinted at in a previous post
1:00 lunch at a campground group picnic area
2:00 Water games
6:00 Cook out.
7:00 camp-fire-side and s'mores
10:00 leave campground and head home

8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Swimming in a pool that the neighbors are very generous to let us use.
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Games and activities including pinata and the annual pie-eating contest
5:00 Pick up pizza
5:30 adults head out and pick up take-out. Meet at Eowyn's house for a lovely evening of adult only time.

Talent show after dinner

A lot of activities, but we are talking about 32 people here. The children range in age from 1-15. I also didn't feel it was horribly over scheduled. I felt like if things went as planned then we would have plenty of time to socialize and talk and generally have a good time.

I checked the weather on Monday. It said high 90s and high 80s for the whole week with a few clouds.

We had a good time. . .
5 Responses
  1. charrette Says:

    The planning alone makes my head spin.
    I'm bracing myself for what happens next. The ellipses and the comment about the weather seem to indicate..., well, um, impending disaster.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    That ... seems ominous to me...

  3. L.T. Elliot Says:

    You're amazing for being able to plan all that. I would have fallen to pieces. (I hate planning.) I'm with Kim and Charrette...this is sounding like it's headed for the downslope.

  4. Kazzy Says:

    Yup, seeing those sibs is so important. I only see mine once a year at the most. :( What a packed schedule.

  5. EEEEMommy Says:

    How considerate of you! You are so sweet! If I were the sibling, I would have felt so blessed to know that you gave up the Tetons and rearranged everything just so we could be there and see everyone. Truly!!