And another episode of the random tid-bits of Eowyn's life.

1--I was posted over at the Annex again. It's not currently the top post. Here's the link if you want to go straight to my post. It's one of my favorites.

2--How many, many feet you meet. For instance, this weekend I met Melanie, Luisa, and Heidi and got to spend time with each of these fabulous women, but not quite as much as I would have liked. . .I also got a triple dose of Charette this weekend, who, as everyone I know who has met her knows, is worth a triple dose.

3--No, I did not forget Kim. That's entirely not possible, as she was living at my house. Late conversations, discussing everything imaginable. Canadian chocolate (if you didn't get any when she offered, kick yourself. It's loverly.) Books. Laughter and a few tears. I'm heartbroken she had to go home. But I'm sure her hubby and daughters will be happy to have her back.

4--I met a lot of other bloggy brilliance, but I honestly can't even remember all of the people I met. And I didn't even go to the conference.

5--The awards ceremony was fun, filled with laughter. I felt like an outsider though. Did I mention I was going to the conference next year?

6--I haven't posted up on books in a while. The list is huge. Fablehaven 4--fantastic. 13th Reality 2--Also fantastic--so much better than 1. (Congrats James!) I can't even remember all I've read. I usually keep a list so that when it's time I can just figure it all out, but no.

7--I think I have a "gifted" child. I wonder what that will mean for me and my family. I'm not telling any of my kids, so don't let it get out, okay? Thank you, Heidi, for giving me that hint. I never would have thought of it on my own. I've got some research to do.

8--I currently have painted toe-nails and finger-nails. We had a mommy-daughter spa afternoon on Saturday. It was so fun. A foot massage and cute toes and nails? Top it off with fruit kabobs and sweet rolls and. . .well. . .awesome!

9--Pizzaria 712 was really delicious. Dessert was especially lovely. And the company was to die for.

10--I've done a quick edit of one friends first draft and I have the opportunity to do one for another friend. Maybe tomorrow I'll e-mail her back (are you listening?). I'm tired today.

11--I love editing.

12--Although I contemplated changing my intended career course (when I get back to school) at the awards ceremony. I apparently have a flair for the dramatic when I read to my kids because, while I can't come up with an original plot-line to save my life and immensely admire those who can (I lean towards historical fiction/biography when I write), I can read a lot better than a lot of the readers I heard there. Phew! I can do something! :)

13--The work situation is unchanged.

14--I'm now down to a weight I haven't seen since before I had my second child. Feels good.

15--Here's a simple, yummy recipe.

1 1/2 pounds chicken, cooked and cubed
3/4 cup barbecue sauce
1/2 cup sour cream (also works with plain yogurt)
1 can corn, drained (or frozen, thawed)
1 can black beans, drained
Hearts of Romaine
Wheat tortillas

Combine first 5 ingredients and warm on the stove.

Grab a wheat tortilla and lay a few pieces of lettuce across it. Top with chicken mix. Roll and eat.

Simple and yum.

I tried it with hamburger. It wasn't quite as good, but still yummy enough for my whole family to tank on it!

Happy days!
9 Responses
  1. Abra Says:

    I'm so gonna jack that recipe. It sound's good! A Busy month too :)

  2. Kazzy Says:

    Charrette tells me you are an avid reader. Or did she say voracious? Cool.

    I love painting my nails, but since I have only boys I will never get a mommy/daughter spa day. :(

    And the recipe looks yummy!

  3. Eowyn Says:

    Abra--enjoy the recipe.

    Kazzy--voracious is probably the appropriate word! :)

  4. Melanie J Says:

    It was so fun hanging out with you guys! You have THE prettiest eyes!

  5. charrette Says:

    Still basking...

    Plus a little heads-up that I am SO posting about pack meeting...! :)

  6. Emily Says:

    Congrats on your weight! THat is a huge accomplishment, adn I am so grateful for your healthy example.

  7. Kimberly Says:

    I echo Melanie's comment - I love your eyes too! And, well, pretty much everything about you too. I got all choked up once I got into the airport, it was so hard to leave! Love you so much and thanks for ferrying me around and putting up with me - you're amazing!

  8. Everyone, this woman looks just like Anjelina Jolie--but better! I didn't get to see the painted toenails, though. Eowyn--SO loved getting to meet you and hearing your real voice. Now when I read your blog, I can see your face and your smile and hear your voice and it is so cool! Love it!

  9. Congrats on the weight! What a fabulous milestone!

    And I would love to hear more about #7 if you want to shoot me an email. We might have the same thing on our hand.