I woke up grumpy. I was sick and sneezy so I went and saw my doc. He's very good looking, which makes me bashful. He gave me medicine that made me dopey, but it cleared up my sinuses and that made me happy. But being sick is tiring. I'm sleepy so I'm going to bed early.

Whaddayaknow! All 7 dwarfs in one day!

(I am really not sick. But I woke up grumpy and Faramir started teasing me about waking up grumpy and going to bed sleepy and all the rest of the dwarves. It cracked me up and I told him that "I am so putting that on my blog." He's always good for a laugh.)
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4 Responses
  1. Linda Says:

    That is so clever! I wish though that it really would have happened. Although I don't wish you being sick. Okay, I take it all back and let's start over - you're so clever!

  2. EEEEMommy Says:

    You're silly too! ;)

  3. charrette Says:

    I wrote a clever comment here the other day and it disappeared.

    And now the cleverness has completely left me.

    But I DO love your 7 Dwarves post!