Rain on a car roof
Tickle Wars
Lego's being dropped into a lego bin
Copeland, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven,. . .
Ripping of the roots of weeds as they are pulled out of the ground
The pop of a just sealed jar of jam
The sound that suddenly isn't there when the fridge or dishwasher turns off
Baby laughter


Home-made Bread just finished up in the oven
Coming Rain in a Desert
Faramir's deodorant
Domain Men's Cologne by Mary Kay
Tex-Mex food, Italian food, Thai Food, Filipino food. . .


Wild flowers on a mountain side
Innocent Smiles (And sometimes even the mischievous ones)
Lakes in the middle of mountains
A Storm on the ocean
Children reading
A clean kitchen counter
Beautiful Art


Rose petals
Bread Dough
Mushed up apricots right before I turn them into jam
A little body snuggled up next to me sleeping
Water all around
Holding hands
Tree Bark


Home-made tomato soup and cheese sandwiches
Andes Mints
Beef Waterfall
Medium Rare Steak
Home-made Ice Cream
Home-made bread just hot from the oven slathered with butter and home-made jam
7 Responses
  1. Emily Says:

    you have a way of writing that evokes such emotion. A powerful post.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Powerful indeed...you took me with you on the journey of the senses. Beautiful.

  3. Love this. Post it at the annex . ..

  4. Melanie J Says:

    Reading this just made me plain old happy.

  5. Kimberly Says:

    p.s. The Annex NEEDS this one.

  6. charrette Says:

    I LOVE this. Makes me feel peaceful and happy and drenched in goodness.

    I love that homemade bread made 4 of the 5 lists! I had a warm slice at a friend's house yesterday and am still savoring the smell and the taste of it and the wonder of it.

    I saw your melancholy post up top and am wondering how you're doing. Tiredness makes me draggy and blue too. Sometimes when you're in a holding pattern it's just because the timing's not quite right for the amazing blessing that's just around the corner.