And the smile. The smile that lit up the room. Almost before I started dating Faramir, this song would pop into my head every time I saw him smile. I remember once being at the top of the stairway that led down to the Orchestra rehearsal room and seeing him smile up at me and being caught in the smile.

And so I married him.

(Yes, there is a whole 9 months of saga here I'm ignoring for the sake of your mental health.)

I married that smile.

And it has come to mean so much more to me than it did when I first met him. It was and still is the smile of someone who loves God. It's now the smile that makes me laugh so hard I cry. It's the smile that I love to see when he has made me laugh so hard because he loves doing it. It's the smile that loves my children so much it hurts. The smile that shows me every emotion of the man I love. The smile that sometimes laughs at my absolute idiocy making me able to laugh at myself, and the smile that loves hiding surprises from me.

There are times when that smile has been lost from me. Marriage is not always easy. But it has always come back. And I am warmed by his love.

And the song now makes me cry. Every time we struggle, I think of this song, because-as cheesy as it is-as long as he's smiling at me, I can face the world.

It's been 13 years now. 13 long, fast, hard, fun, joyful, sorrowful, entertaining, struggling, sad, happy, hectic, crazy, short fabulous years.

I'm not going to say I've loved every minute of it, because I haven't. I don't think anyone loves every minute of their life. But when the moments of memory come rolling in, the pain and the struggles fade to the background and I am reminded again and again why I married this man.

Happy Anniversary to us.
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  1. Kimberly Says:

    Oh! That was so beautiful, hun! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you! (there, I did it--made my comment about you when I so much want to make it about me and how I am too old to even know this song and how depressing is that? and how sad I am that I will never see my hubby's smile again because his teeth are moving outward and he smiles differently in order to try to hide his buck teeth to the point that he has entirely forgotten how to smile. So sad.) (Marriage can be tough. Getting old is tougher but it's better than the alternative.) (Sorry for the incorrect punctuation, etc. I know how much that bothers you.)

  3. Abra Says:

    Awwww, that is so sweet! I LOVE IT!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!

    Awesome story!

  4. Linda Says:

    Did you really just skip all of that? As if it were so easy to get to the marriage part. I know that you ran out of time, so you had to finish but really??? Next year I vote for another writing to finish off the middle!!!!

    Love you! Happy Anniversary to you both. Sorry I didn't call or do anything - it was a long stressful one yesterday.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I have chills here, good ones. What a beautiful tribute to your husband.

    Happy anniversary!

    (Came over from Blogger's Annex. Thank you so much for your comment!)

  6. Emily Says:

    Happy 13 years~ and Many more to come...