He told me he met me at a dance in September.

I remember that dance. I was very busy. There was one guy who was chasing me. He had tight curly hair and glasses and just was not cute at all. I was running hard from him.

Then there was that guy hot guy from church whom I was chasing. I was chasing hard and that hot guy didn't take the bait. In fact, I'm pretty sure I barely even saw that hot guy the whole night. And we certainly didn't ever dance, but not for lack of trying.

He said he danced with me multiple times.

I remember dancing with somebody.

He says that while I danced with another guy (who, incidentally was handicapped, and no, I didn't dance with him out of the goodness of my heart. I danced with him because I didn't want to dance with curly top.) he saw eternity. He saw me and saw the future.

I don't even remember him.

The only reason I can put a face to that other body I danced with is because he told me it was him.

I have no reason to dis-believe him. He has considerable brain capacity.

I did, in all the craziness, come away with the name of Greg, and so that's what I called him.
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  1. Ooh, goodie, a serial post thingy. Looking forward to the next post1

  2. Catherine Says:

    This is fantastic...

  3. Kimberly Says:

    To be continued SOON, right?!

  4. Melanie J Says:

    Um, so you should just say what comes next NOW. That's what I think, anyway.

  5. You got me hooked. Already. When is the next installment?

  6. EEEEMommy Says:

    You enjoy leaving us hanging, don't you. ;)

  7. charrette Says:

    Pure poetry. I think I know where this is headed.