It occurred to me recently that I haven't done a book review post in a while, and my list is getting longer, so. . .

Howls Moving Castle by Diane Wynne Jones--This was a fun read but nothing more. I didn't understand the love interest at all. One thing that makes me gauge whether or not I like a book is if I keep thinking about it. I was pretty much done with Howls Moving Castle when I was done with the book. Fluff. a 10 and a 3 1/2

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli--I loved this book. This is a book about a girl who calls herself Stargirl, written from the point of view of the boy who loved her--in a first love sort of way. This was a well written book and even made me think myself about who I was and how I felt about popularity (being one of those people who want every one to like them).

Shades of Gray by Pamela Carrington Reid--This book is more along the lines of late teen to adult novel--LDS style. Samara is a Photography buff who has a severely dysfunctional family. It's a novel about how our lives determine who we are, and also delves a little into the dangers of addiction. The book is well written (though I did notice one typo) and clean. This is Mormon literature after all--although some stuff out there with the "Mormon" name on it I don't find much cleaner than your average harlequin--but I digress. This was a novel in which I was actually a little distracted by the love interest aspect. There was so much else going on that the love interest, while it wants to be the main part of the book, was really sidelined. In fact, I found the whole epilogue just a bit too pat to stomach. I enjoyed it though. I loved the drug/alcohol abuse aspects. It sort-of presented a different--argh, I can't think of a way to express this! It just made me think. Anyway. 12 (for some pretty adult concepts) and 4 1/2.

Those Who Love by Irving Stone--12 and 3 1/2--This is a biographical novel about John and Abigail Adams, though you mostly get stuff from Abigail's point of view. My biggest problem with this book is that I read the other John Adams Biography first. I actually am glad that I read them both. I feel like this one actually complemented the other, since it was more from Abigail's point of view, but I needed to read this one first. It just wasn't as good as the other one. I was fascinated by the other one. This one took me a couple of weeks to read because I kept putting it down for other things (read, almost everything else on this list). If you're going to read one, read the other one. If you're going to read two, read this one first, then the other.

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke--I so like this series. 12 and 4/12 The whole concept of this series, about people being able to read books out loud so well that they come alive, just makes me happy, and has since the first. I think, though, that I'm a little disappointed in the ending. I won't say why unless you specifically ask for it, because that would be a huge spoiler. Over all, very fun, absorbing and great. (I have heard complaints that this series is slow. Not for me.)

The Second Seige: Book Two of The Tapestry, book 2 by Henry Neff--Speaking of absorbing and fun, book 2 was fabulous. I did my (sadly) customary read it in one day thing, and I really need to stop that, mostly because I'm not the best of parents when I do that. The only problem I have with this book is that it's only book 2 and I have no idea how long the series is going to last. I think 5 books, which means I have 3 years to go before I find out how it ends. Grrrr.

The Crystal Cavern by Mary Stewart--16 and 3--I'm only giving it a three because the book depressed me. The writing was well done, the background was good. It was a story well done. It just depressed me. I guess I am not an Aurthurian legend kind of girl. Too depressing in the end. This is the first in a series and I'm not even bothering to read the rest. I took them back to the library.

Silenced by Betsy Brannan Greene--Intense, but unfortunately whilst I was reading this book, my hubby walked with with The Tapestry and I rushed through this one to get to that one. She's fun to read. Another fluff book. 12 and 4

There it is. Remember, it's been a while--so don't get all panicked about how much I'm reading. You are fabulous.
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  1. Melanie J Says:

    I'll have to check out that Betsey Brannon Green title. I find her to be uneven; she's either really good or really not.

    I love Stargirl. Such a great book. Although I once saw it referred to as "chick lit" in a professional journal. What the heck?

    Could you explain your rating system to me? I get the stars, but what's the first number?

    And also, have you checked out Bloggin' Bout Books? I think that's a pretty good book blog, too. She's also brief and really honest.

    Oh, and my seven comment rule for my blog is that I don't do a new post until I have seven comments (you asked me that the other day).

  2. Thanks for this! I'll submit Stargirl to my book club to add to our list of MUST read. I was just about to start John Adams book on CD for my workday commute, but I think I should read Those Who Love First as per your suggestion. I'm glad you did this book review. It's so hard to choose and I hate buying books that turn out to be duds. So getting someone's opinion helps a lot.

  3. *gasp* so you'll be going to the barnes and nobles thing tomorrow? I wonder if I'll know its you...nah - i dont know you very well, except that you have a way cool picture of an eye! (i love pictures of eyes...as creepy as that sounds...

    (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_laM6CKNFxyw/SOLA8lmlSwI/AAAAAAAAAFo/U-vlpZKGgLc/s1600-h/time_goes_by_by_DogsWithBeards.jpg) thats the coolest picture of an eye i have EVER seen!

    and I agree! What am i going to use as an excuse to go tomorrow! heaven knows that iv had all my books signed individually....maybe ill go and buy another book for my friend...

  4. Kimberly Says:

    Ooo...I do love your book review posts. So glad you enjoyed Henry Neff's latest. I'll be doing a blog interview with him later this month so let me know if you want to slip in some questions. =)

  5. charrette Says:

    Star Girl is among the top 10 favorites for all three of our kids -- including the boys! Great pick.

    I'm still amazed at the quantity of books you get through!

  6. Eowyn Says:

    The number thing. The first number is the age at which I think it's appropriate for reading. So if I put a 12, I don't think it should be read before the age of 12. (Although I have a son who regularly reads things older than I probably would like.)

  7. As always, thanks for all the suggestions. I just put Stargirl on my list at the library.

    I enjoyed Silenced as well.

  8. Henry Says:

    The Tapestry will only be four books, so it might not be as 'grrr' as you think. In fact, I'm in the midst of Book 3. Thank you for the kind words - I'm truly touched that you enjoyed The Second Siege and have shared your thoughts with others. Thank you for reading my work.

    Best wishes,
    Henry Neff

    P.S. Look out for Kimberly - she's trouble ;)

  9. Martha Says:

    So, who reads faster than you do??