I'm going early this week because I'm hankerin to join Soap Opera Sunday this week. It's all about first kisses this month. And I love my first kiss story. So stay tuned!

Also, my list this week is short.

The Last Apprentice, Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney--I really did not like this book. It's well written. But for me it was dark and a wee bit on the goth/horror side. I'm not a good judge of how bad this really is as far as gore and grossness because I hate that kind of stuff and avoid it when possible. Witches use human blood to get power (though nothing is described in detail). Maggots and skeletons and Bleh! Not my thing. I personally am going to get rid of my book. I give it a 16 and a 1--not because it's not well written, because it is, but because I just didn't like it. I don't like feeling dark and depressed and this book is a dark, depressing, duty-bound book.

Diamondback Cave by K.L. Fogg--(I should warn you that if you don't like snakes, this isn't the series for you. Or spiders for that matter.) This series has been a fun romp. I really liked this book and it's focus on forgiveness. What I've been surprised by is how much my children have liked them. Kendra finished the first one and immediately asked me to go buy the rest. And we've all enjoyed them. I give it a 9 an a 4.

Remember how last week I said I was done with Terry Prachett for a while? Yeah, well, I lied. It's called The Last Hero. It's a picture book for adults. I suppose you could let your kids read it, but they wouldn't get it. And I'm going to say right now that he picked the perfect illustrator. These pictures are perfect. (I could have done without the illustrations with a certain finger involved myself, but they do fit the story.) Irreverent (more so than usual) and funny. Still would rather read Pendragon though. 16 (cuz I know my kids wouldn't get it.) and 4.

Anything new to recommend to me?
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  1. Kimberly Says:

    Can't help giggling. The Last Hero is what got Neil hooked on Pratchett. I sent it more for Faramir than you, I'll admit. I knew Cohen and his band would test your sensibilities a wee bit!