(Quick update on the Dr. visit. He thinks I have a mild nickel allergy and that the itchies are eczema. However, he gave his diagnosis with trepidation. Most of the symptoms fit eczema, but not all of them, so he's not 100% sure. I'm going to do the treatment for eczema for 2 weeks and see what happens.)

So I've been contemplating what book to do next, and since I have this book sitting on my sidebar, I thought I'd review it.

Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull. My whole family--well those that can read anyway--love these books. There are three: Fablehaven, Rise of the Evening Star, and Grip of the Shadow Plague. Number four comes out next April. It is called Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

(Side note here. I am in the middle of so many series that have one or two or three books left. After the misery of waiting around for soooo long for Harry Potter, I told myself that I would not do any more series. Yeah. I can think of seven that I'm currently in the middle of. Augh! Why do I do this to myself? It must be my love of young adult fantasy. Thankfully at least two of them will be done at the end of this year. Phew!)

Back to the books. Fablehaven is a magical preserve where any things magical--fairies, ogres, golems, centaurs, nymphs, satyrs, and the like find safe haven from the human dominated world. There are many magical preserves across the world, but these stories center around Fablehaven.

The main characters are Kendra and Seth. They are brother and sister. Kendra is 14 when the series begins and Seth is 12. Fablehaven is run by their grandparents, Stan and Ruth Sorensen. They come to Fablehaven while their parents are on vacation, discover it's secrets, and then. . .well, you'll just have to read what happens next.

Did I mention that we love these books. Mull gets better and better. Faramir thinks that one scene in book two might classify as one of the freakiest scenes he's ever read. And as for me, I have several theories regarding book three that I'm not going to share, but someone go and read them for me so I can discuss my theories.

I also want you to read them so you can enter a disagreement that Kim and I are having. She thinks that Seth actions at the end of book one are out of character. I say they aren't. If you want more details of our disagreement, you'll have to read book one and then let me know.

I love feeling light-hearted at the end of the books, in spite of the hairy things that happen. There is no lack of action in these books.

I give it a 8--with a caveat. My 8 year old has read books one and two, however I know parents who have read these who wouldn't let their 8 year-old read them. I just happen to know that my kids are going to read stuff I would never want them to while I'm not looking. How do I know this? Because I read all sorts of things my mother wouldn't have had me read. So I try to have in my house books that I don't care if they read, even though I might not have them read them. My children read well above grade level, so it becomes a challenge to keep them occupied. Hope all that made sense.
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  1. Kimberly Says:

    I have to agree with your philosophy about the kids reading. I'd rather know what they're reading so we can talk about it.